Attendees 2009

Northern Voice Attendees 2009


This is the unofficial attendees list, which lets you announce that you're coming to everyone else. This list is self-maintained, so putting yourself on this list doesn't mean you get a ticket! Sorry! Let us know if you even think you may be coming. Enter your name and a link to your blog (if you have one already).


And for the sake of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, alphabetize, people!


Hey, official attendees, add yourself to this wiki list. Get your registered badges and t-shirts when you show up!


Aidan Henry -

Airdrie Miller -

Al Pasternak - @bokashiman Bokashiman Al Pasternak

Alexandra Samuel -

Alex Ventpap - +

Angus Pratt -

Anita Webster -

Anthony Jones -

Anthony Nicalo -

Antonia Rozario

April Smith - @AprilFilms

Arjun Singh - and

(snafu prevents me from attendng Saturday. Have ticket, who wants it?)

Alison Wong - twitter, flickr, blog

Benson Wong - MostlyGeek

Betty Gilgoff - &

Brett T. T. Macfarlane - The Blog, The Tweets

Briana Tomkinson - Tenth To The Fraser

Brooks Duncan @brooksduncan

Bruce Sharpe - blog, website, Twitter

Bryan Hughes - Twitter

Carol Browne -

Catherine Winters - (But only registered for MooseCamp! -- you snooze, you lose!)

Cecilia Lu - @cecilialu

Cecily Walker - Twitter  Blog-type Thing The Day Job Flickr  Friendfeed 

Charlotte Bourne - Twitter

Chris Geoghegan - @chrisgeoghegan +

Clint Lalonde - &

Cole Matt

Colleen Vince - +

Corinna Carlson - & @gusgreeper

Danny Dang - and Coast Hotels & Resorts

D'Arcy Norman - and

Darcie Frederick - later comics

Darren Barefoot -

Dave Olson - & Feasthouse

Dave Pollard -

Dave Traynor - TheDailyUpload

Derek K. Miller -

Doug Gough - @duggoff +

Dustin Quasar - + @RandomDude + Sillysoft Games

Elizabeth Sarobhasa - idleGLORY + twitter + rocketcandy@ flickr

Els Kushner -

Emme Rogers - Sexy in Van City

Erica Hargreave- Random Thoughts of an Ecclectic Mind

Erin Anne Beirne - and

Gene Blishen -

Gerry Paille -

Glenn Hilton - @canucksfan82 + @imagex_media +

Grant Potter -

Honey Mae - @honeymae

Ian Capstick -

Irwin Oostindie - W2: Community Media Arts and Fearless City

isabella mori - change therapy

Ivan Schneider -

James Glave - @jamesglave

Jan Karlsbjerg -, @JanKarlsbjerg on Twitter, Facebook

Janis Lanka - janislanka @ twitter + Who Follows Who (on Twitter)

Jason Chiu - @jaychiu on twitter,, Flickr

Jason Landry - and inkbase everywhere else

Jason Vanderhill - do I really need a URL? jmv on flickr

Jenn Lowther - Lowther Rinse Repeat and @jennmae on twitter

Jeremy Latham -

Jim Pick -

Jim DeLaHunt - and blog: Jim DeLaHunt, World-Ready

Jody MacDonald -

John Biehler -, retrocactus on Twitter and Flickr

Julie Szabo - Boot and Blade and Laptop Bedouin

Karen Fung - countably infinite - @counti8

Kate Trgovac - and LintBucket Media

Kerry Anne Holloway -

Kim Werker -, @kpwerker

Kimli Welsh - Delicious Juice Dot Com

Kirsten Chursinoff -">

Kris Krüg - Static Photography and Kris Krug Dot Com

Laura Smart - From Sparkly to Single and @sparklytosingle on Twitter

Laura Blankenship - GeekyMom and @lblanken on Twitter

Leslie Biggar - Sakura Photography

Linda Bustos - &

Lisa Mighton - Believing Impossible Things, @lmighton, @twitcouver

Lynna Goldhar-Smith

Mack D Male -

Malcolm Levy -

Marina Antunes - Row Three and First Weekend Club

Mark Mohamed -

Mike Kelly - Strangely Entangled, @drfyzziks on Twitter

Mike Klassen -, @mikeklassen on Twitter

Miranda Lievers -Blue Olive Photography and Sassy Contessa

Monica Hamburg - Your Dose of Lunacy and Me Like the Interweb (About Me)

Nancy White -

Nick Amado - - @nickamado

Novak Rogic -

Pete Quily - Adultaddstrengths / Addcoach4u , petequily on Twitter

Peter Andersen -

Phaedra McEachren -

Phillip Jeffrey - @tyfn and Fade to Play

Rachael Ashe - Canvas to the Imagination, goddess_spiral on flickr

Rachel Marcuse - Coalition of Progressive Electors

Rahel Bailie - Intentional Design Twitter

Randy Stewart - me: Stewtopia work: Boxbe - Photos

Randy Thornton on twitter and at work

Robert Ouimet - ,, and on twitter , flickr

Raul Pacheco (on Twitter - @hummingbird604) -

Reilly Lievers - Blue Olive Photography and Jerk With A Camera

Richard Eriksson - Just a Gwai Lo - @sillygwailo

Rick Vugteveen - - @rickvug + +

Rob Cottingham - Social Signal - Noise to Signal - - @robcottingham

Roland Tanglao - @rtanglao

Rosemary Rowe - Creampuff Revolution and LintBucket Media

Ruth Seeley - and

Ryan Weal - Freelance Consulting and Beyond Robson - Food

Sam Chan- another sam chan, @anothersamchan

Scott Leslie -

Shane Birley - and

Shawn Pisio -

Simon Pavitt - BC Federation of Labour

Stephen Rees -Stephen Rees's Blog

Stewart Marshall -

Sue Wolff -

Sylvia Currie -

Tim Bray - / @timbray

Tony Chung - @techcom on twitter

Tracey Heppner - Tracey L Heppner Photography

Travis Smith - and

Tris Hussey -

Vanessa Turke - @vcreatrix + +

Warwick Patterson - Formula Photographic | Twitter @formulaphoto

Werner Bahlke MetroCascade

wyn (Everything is Connected, @whoiswyn, wynlok)


Yule Heibel (Blog, Twitter, LibraryThing, Google Profile, MetroCascade)