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Good idea to do this. I know it's captured at registration but you can't change it there but you can change it here! I thought if people have a picture of themselves and were willing to add it then when we get to the conference we will know people by sight!


NOTE: if you want your RSS feed to be included in planet.northernvoice.ca (and it's not already there!) please indicate so below with a small note like, "planet NV yes please"


Brad Meacham - www.cascadiareport.com (planet NV yes please) and MSN Money

Anne Mann - Seven Hills B&B, Bowen Island

Kris Krug - Bryght - Kris Krug Dot Com - Static Photography

David Peralty - http://www.bloggynetwork.com - davidcubed.com

Nancy White - http://www.fullcirc.com/weblog/onfacblog.htm

Ian MacKenzie Brave New Traveler and TravelBlogger

Darren Cannell

Teaching and Developing Online + Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School

'planet nv yes please' - DONE!


 Robin Yap - http://blog.robinyap.com "planet NV yes please"


Roland Tanglao - http://rolandtanglao.com

Kate Milberry - Geeks and Global Justice "planet NV yes please" - DONE!

Jason Mogus - Communicopia Inernet Inc and Web of Change

D'Arcy Norman - darcynorman.net and Teaching & Learning Centre, The University of Calgary

Rightantler - http://www.moosehat.com http://www.stewart-marshall.com -(-Planet NV yes please!-) -- added by Roland

Leftantler - http://www.flickr.com/photos/leftantler/

Sibylle Tinsel - Club Fat Ass

Travis Smith - http://www.hopstudios.com/nep/

Susannah Gardner - http://www.unfavorablepink.com/

Mack D. Male - http://www.mastermaq.ca

John Ounpuu - Obviousness + Sutori

Darren Barefoot - http://www.darrenbarefoot.com and Capulet

Jean H├ębert - Clicknoise

Al Pasternak - Al's Bokashi Blog+ http://www.greatday.ca

Tammy Everts - 50 Books

John Paolozzi - CBC Radio 3

Theo Tonca - http://esyshopping.ca - http://esylife.wordpress.com

Luke Closs - http://awesnob.com

James Cogan - http://www.dailypixel.ca , http://www.jamescogan.com

Jeremy David - Choose My Adventure, UN/POPULAR, SlowMe Sustainability

Chris Clarke - BedJump - Chrispitality - VacantReady



isabella mori - change therapy / counselling in vancouver

Pete Quily Adult ADD Strengths - ADDCoach4u - Pills Don't Teach Skills 

raincoaster/Lorraine Murphy 49 degrees latitude, 360 degrees attitude!

Robert Sanzalone - Pacific IT

Sylvia Currie - http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca

Karen Quinn Fung - http://www.countablyinfinite.ca/blog

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward - http://alexwaterhousehayward.com/blog/blog.html

Matthew Trentacoste -- http://matttrent.com http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mmt (-PlanetNV yes on matttrent.com) - DONE!

Candace Nast -- femilicious.com and 16 punches

Arjun Singh - http://www.yourkamloops.com

Phillip Jeffrey - http://www.fadetoplay.com

Chris Lott from the UAF Center for Distance Ed, blogging at: Ruminate and Cosmopoetica

Carol Sill - carolsill and Carrall Street Journal  PlanetNV yes please! - DONE!

Dale McGladdery - http://www.group42.ca, http://www.digitaldoodles.com

Aidan Henry - MappingTheWeb

Scott Leslie - http://www.edtechpost.ca/wordpress/

Megan Fowler - http://blogs.blogosphere.ca/mig14

Rob Russell, geek blogger at ... or maybe something uplifting and sometimes travel blogger at OnBeaches

Brad Gibson at http://www.bradfordgibson.net and podcasting now from Current Thinking Radio

Jim Groom - http://bavatuesdays.com

Gillian Gunson - http://www.gunson.ca/blog

Chris Heuer - Social Media Club

Dave Traynor - TheDailyUpload

Zak Greant

- Blogging at Polymorph

- Working at Foo Associates

Kimli Welsh - Delicious Juice Dot Com - planet NV yes please!


Jeffrey Keefer


Blog at Silence and Voice

Consult at Jeffrey Keefer

Work as Sr. Instructional Designer at Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Teach Management Communcationation at NYU Stern School of Business


Planet NV yes please!


Warwick Patterson

Formula Photographic

>> ThisCityRocks Video Podcast

>> [blog, flickr]

(planet NV yes please! - blog) - DONE!

Jan Karlsbjerg - geek blogger

Ian King - collapsed blogger, person to blame for the Pickton site at 24 hours

Shannon Emmerson - Post-Knowledge Canada Wide Media

Michael Stewart - http://stewartclan.ca/blogs/thinkinggeek/

Rebecca Bollwitt - Miss604.com, planet NV yes please! - added by Roland

John Bollwitt - Audihertz.net(blog), RadioZoom.net(podcast), TheCrazyCanucks.com(podcast) (-PlanetNV yes please!- added by Roland)



Eric Eggertson - Common Sense PR, Mutually Inclusive


Kate Trgovac - www.mynameiskate.ca


Airdrie Miller - Lip Gloss and Laptops Podcast and talkingtoair.com

Kerry Anne Holloway - Lipgloss and Laptops

Scott Beale - Laughing Squid (-Planet NV yes please-, added by Dale)

Lori Dorn - HR Lori (-Planet NV yes please-, added by Roland)

Randy Stewart - Stewtopia (-Planet NV yes please, -added by Roland)

Will Pate - Street smart web geek, entrepreneur, photographer, traveller, gamer, and down to earth dude. (Planet NV yes pls) - DONE!

Catrina Megumi Longmuir - National Film Board's CitizenShift>> online media for social change - video, photography, blogs & podcasts. though late, yes please on the PV RSS)


Rachael Ashe - photo blog and flickr photo stream. I will be posting conference photos at Foo Associates on Flickr. (Planet NV yes for the last link only) - which link Foo or flickr?

Marie Samson - florasophia.com

Rex Turgano - Andornot Consulting & thegreenpages.ca

John Maxwell - Thinkubator/OrganizingPrinciple

Dustin Sacks - Blogs at RandomDude.com works at Sillysoft Games

Jon Husband - Blogs at [http://blog.wirearchy.com], web site [http://www.wirearchy.com], co-founder of Qumana

Jason Landry - inkbase.com

Valerie Gregory - fusionmedia@shaw.ca

Scott Hadfield - scotthadfield.ca

Ariane Khachatourians - buffmuthers.com/~midge - hatchwebstudio.com - citygirldesigns.ca - raisedeyebrow.com

Gene Blishen - http://www.tinfoiling.blogspot.com



Dick Carlson










Beth Snow - Blogs at thesiswriting.blogspot.com and wastedtime.wordpress.com Email: mary.elizabeth.snow@gmail.com

Tasha Alfonso - tashaalfonso.com "planet NV yes please"

Ivan Schneider - SmallBizResource (no-PNV) and ivantohelpyou.com (PNV s.v.p.)

Alison Sinclair - http://alixsin.typepad.com/ "planet NV yes please"

Malcolm van Delst - uberbabe.com/unite.uberbabe.com "planet NV yes please"

Jordan Behan- telltenfriends.com 'planet v? oh yeah.'

Rob Cottingham photo

Rob Cottingham



PNV me, baby!


Stephanie Vacher:[all-around-artist-type]    www.stephanievacher.com    &    www.stephanievacher.com/blog  


Jim Pick - jimpick.com

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