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Northern Voice Attendees 2008


This is the UNOFFICIAL ATTENDEE LIST, which lets you announce that you're coming to everyone else, but it's self-maintained, so putting yourself on this list doesn't mena you gt a ticket (Sorry!). Registration is full, but there's Waiting List for Northern Voice. If you can't attend, contact someone on the waiting list and offer/sell them your ticket!

Q: How 'bout alphabetical? Makes it easier to find folks!

A: Actually, let's leave it in order of sign up -- the chronology is more interesting than alphabetical.


Q: Will there be further progress on a "Planet" aggregator of NV posts/feeds/pics? The aggregation site linked on the front page isn't showing a lot of info, many feeds/sites aren't linked, etc.


Also Facebook? Twitter? Jaiku? Put as many URLs to Social Media Services as you dare :-)


(FYI - here's an OPML file of all the "blog" URLs I could find on the page. Hope it is helpful.)


Buzz Bishop - email twitter facebook blog other blog


Timothy Wisdom - Drupal Programmer Guru!

Gene Blishen

Jessica Mah, teenage entrepreneur - email blog

Linda Bustos - Ecommerce Blogger for Elastic Path Software

Matt Gardner - Hop Studios

Susie Gardner - Hop Studios

Shane Birley - Left Right Minds

Allyson McGrane - Left Right Minds

Kris Krug - kk@kriskrug.com

Kate Milberry Geeks and Global Justice and MissCommuniKate

Derek K. Miller

Isabella Mori - change therapy, Alphablogs, on Twitter, on StumbleUpon, on Facebook, on MyBlogLog, on LinkedIn

Pete Quily AdultADDStrengths, ADDCoach4u.

Gene Smith

Roland Tanglao rolandtanglao.com, flickr.com/photos/roland, roland.blip.tv, roland.jaiku.com, twitter.com/rtanglao

Nancy White

Monica Hamburg - Your Dose of Lunacy - Some Articles

Travis Smith - Hop Studios

Sameer Vasta - Eloquation and more...

Stuart Hertzog - greenpolitics.ca, stuzog.com

Phillip Jeffrey - Twitter Flickr fadetoplay.com

Arjun Singh - yourkamloops.com, arjunsingh.com

Rebecca Bollwitt - Miss604.com, RadioZoom Podcast, The Crazy Canucks Podcast

John Bollwitt - RadioZoom Podcast, The Crazy Canucks Podcast

Duane Storey - Duane on Flickr, twitter/duanestorey,

Jeffrey Keefer - Silence and Voice

Robin Yap - Yap 3.0 My Twitter My Facebook

Chris Lott - Ruminate/CosmoPo and Twit - Flick - deli - LastFM - Wooord - etc etc etc

Bill Fitzgerald

Romina Wendell - nexialist.org

D'Arcy Norman email blog flickr

Dave Pollard - email blog 

Kate Trgovac - MyNameIsKate.ca and OneDegree.ca

Rosemary Rowe - Creampuff Revolution

Corinna Carlson - gusgreeper.com, Twitter, Flickr

Airdrie Miller - email / twitter / Lip Gloss and Laptops Podcast  / talkingtoair

Al Pasternak - Tumblr, Great Day Bokashi - *Bring back/Restart the RSS feed: planet.northernvoice.ca. I can't subscribe to everyone.:-)

Stephanie Vacher - website / blog / email

Jan Karlsbjerg - blog / Facebook profile / SPAM-free email (browser-based) / LinkedIn profile / Twitter

Mike Klassen, BC Wine Lover, Thinking Cap

Kerry Anne Holloway -Lip Gloss and Laptops Podcast 

Megan Cole

Dave Traynor -The Daily Upload  Not able to attend

Sudha Krishna Email Nimble

Greg Andrews - miscellanica, Techvibes

John Biehler - Twitter, Flickr, Jaiku

Erica Hargreave - Ahimsa Media, Ahimsa Kids

Ariane Khachatourians - West End Girl - Spendlocally - Flickr - Jaiku

Rachael Ashe - rachaelashe.com / Flickr

Stewart Marshall - Financial Storyteller - The Moosehat Blog - RightAntler on Flickr

Jessica Marshall - Leftantler on Flickr

Christian Nally - Transbloggerate.com - SticksAllison.com - InstillAnarchy.com

CitizenZiggy! citizen001 digitalpeasants.com photolog twitter skype://citizenziggy facebook petition abstract.v.1

Miranda Lievers - Blue Olive Photography

Reilly Lievers - Jerk with a Camera

David Drucker - Loud Murmurs and Drucker.ca

Richard Eriksson - Just a Gwai Lo - improvident lackwit - Flickr - Jaiku - Twitter

Danny Robinson - Strutta

Jennifer Jones email blog twitter

Scott Ronalds - Steadyhand Investment Funds blog

Alexa Booth - Strutta - Xalking.com - Flickr - Jaiku

Scott Leslie - edtechpost


David Peralty - representing Splashpress Media blogging on many blogs including Xfep


Tim McAlpine from Currency Marketing - Blog - Twitter

Chris Goward of WiderFunnel Marketing - blog

Colleen Vince - 353 Haiku Movie Review

Melanie Watts - Blog flickr

Alan Levine CogDogBlog flickr twitter New Media Consortium and a long string of WordPress sites dangling about

Sue Wolff

Mack D. Male - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, del.icio.us, More...

Megan Fowler

Dave O - Choogle on, Postcards, Canucks, Ephemera, Freeverse, Olympics, Vids, Raincity, Happyfrog, Library, Snaps, Tweets, etc.

Dave O(rchard) - mail, facebook, twitter, flickr

Beth Snow - Twitter, Flickr

Doug Symington mail Twitter Flickr

Lori Pike - Sxip, Flickr, Twitter, No Boundaries

Kris Obertas - FreeRangeBrain

Evan Rivard - in Geek

Rob McMahon - email, facebook, blog, work blog

Jim Groom - Blog, email

Aaron "Doesn't know the alphabet" Cruikshank - Blog, LinkedIn

Carol Sill - Blog, Alphablogs

William Azaroff - Work (Vancity), LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Ben Hechter, LinkedIn VFSS Flickr

Yule Heibel

- LinkedIn, Facebook, LibraryThing, Diigo.

Karen Parker - Twitter, Facebook

Bonnie Johnston

Jodi Hamilton - blog

Emme Rogers - Hot hipster techie mommas

Dustin Sacks - Flickr, LinkedIn, Hot Grog, Sillysoft Games

Lisa Johnson - citizen journalism editor at CBC News Vancouver - email

Mike Kelly - Blog

Robert Ouimet At Large Media BigSnit Blog | VanGoGreen

Georgia Gaden, email, blog.

Tom McNamara

Alison Sinclair - Incidental Findings

Randy Stewart - email Flickr twitter blog Boxbe blog

Dick Carlson TechHerding LinkedIn VirtualContentCo

Gerry Paille - Flickr

Michael Boronowski - Blog, Flickr

James Glave - Flickr, Blog, Facebook

Jacob Atchison - sip of water

Werner Bahlke - LinkedIn, Facebook.

Andy Saur - Email, Cinema Vitae, Facebook, LinkedIn

Dan Burgar- ebm04dan@vfs.com, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Burgar Joint

Joshua McKenty of BountyUp Social Commerce, also found at Cognition.ca Entrepreneurship Blog, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Email, Delicious

Jim DeLaHunt - LinkedIn, Facebook

Anthony Jones The World According to Aargh 

Katie Raso: Facebook,

4thercrd, Email

Sylvia Currie: email, twitter, Facebook, Webbed Feat, SCoPE

Anita Webster:Facebook,LinkedIn

Keira-Anne - Flickr LinkedIn

Tylor Sherman

Shannon Emmerson - Canada Wide Media, Facebook, LinkedIn

Catherine Winters - Blog

Joe Zerdin - velkr0.org , flickr

Mark Lise - Digitalspace.ca, Flock

Stephen Rees - Stephen Rees's blog - blogger

Jacob Stewart - Cosmo's Condo Blog - The Unabonger's Podcast - TheUnabonger's Photos on Flickr - Theunabonger

Rose Ha - Facebook, email

Irwin Oostindie - Fearless City Facebook

Kimli Welsh - Delicious Juice Dot Com

Alison Wong - blog, twitter, flickr

Megan Moser thinksalmon.com

Rob Cottingham: Social Signal, robcottingham.ca, Bedtime with Rob and Alex podcast, Noise to Signal cartoon

Rahel Anne Bailie - Intentional Design Inc, Bailie.com, delicious, LinkedIn, Facebook, Content Convergence & Integration 

Ruth Seeley - http://now-when.blogspot.com/

Kevin Baggs - Blog, LinkedIn


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