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Bringing Your Blog to Life

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Bringing Your Blog to Life

Getting Started With Audio and Video


Bruce Sharpe

Friday 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Room 1005


In this presentation I will tell all about adding audio and/or video to your blog. Aimed at the total beginner through to the pretty-much-still-a-beginner, this presentation covers the why and how of making media and getting it out to the masses. I'm going to try hard to avoid presenting a bewildering range of options, and instead will just tell you what to do, whether your budget is zero or slightly more than zero, and whether you are on a Mac or a PC.


Areas to be covered include:

  • Equipment: mics, audio recorders, cameras, ...
  • Software: audio editors, video editors, screen capture programs, ...
  • Extras: where to get music, stock video, ...
  • Hosting options
  • Telling the world about it


If there are particular topics you'd like me to discuss, let me know!


Links for all the sites mentioned in the presentation can be found on my blog here.


The presentation slides are here.

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