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Chris' Demo

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What Is a Mash-Up Anyway?


Examples Everyone Uses All the Time


Aggregation and Portal Pages

I discovered when I started working with people to help them create a mashup of their own, what they were really wanting to do was aggregate. Nothing wrong with that! Sometimes the simple answer is the best-- the trick is finding the right delivery mechanism.




Displaying Aggregated Info

I love my aggregator (shout out to Blogbridge) but feed reading has yet to really go mainstream. How do you get the feeds to the folks?


  • Feed2JS  (Alan sez thanks for the mention - have not given this much attention lately and need to know how the *%$% I can parse the new Blogger RSS format?)
  • Grazr and Grazr Examples


Google CoOp and Custom Search

Sometimes custom search-- limited to a selection of sites and blogs-- is a missing ingredient.



Ning - Create a Social Space

With Ning you can create a social website in literally just a few minutes choosing from a variety of templates for  video sharing, photo sharing, group activities, review sites, rochambo, hot or not, real estate, and many others. If you see a ning site you like you can just clone it for your own use.


Those with programming skills can mashup the Ning applications-- Ning provides full access to your applications PHP source code, an API, and a developer's site.


A mash-up

Stacked Ning apps


More Resources and Examples

Remixes (single apps)








Meta Sites


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