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Compiling Free Metadata about Vancouver

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This might be of interest to people who are also interested in the Mashups for Non-Programmers session.


Wouldn't it be nice if there was a project to build up a pool of data about Vancouver, that would be useful to

people who are generating mashups?


Wikipedia is an example of how this could be done.


There are a lot of sources of data out there and many databases that have been collected, but many of them are commercial.  Our governments has a lot of interesting databases, but they often are highly protected and kept away from the public.


Some ideas of things that would be nice to have, for free:


  • Geodata
    • Neighbourhood names
    • Street names
    • Local Businesses
    • Mapping data
  • Social Data
    • People
    • Events
    • Entertainment
    • Recreation
    • Arts
    • Local Blogs
    • Local Websites
  • Politics
    • Politicians
    • Budgeting
    • Development / Zoning
    • Crime Stats
    • Social Programs
  • Business Info
    • Economic Data
    • Industry Profiles
    • Jobs
  • Housing
    • Renting
    • Buying
    • Social Housing



These datasets, if freely available, could lead to some really interesting locally-focused applications.


Vancouver is a fairly compact city, so it probably wouldn't be too hard to build up a fairly comprehensive

set of free metadata.  We could make Vancouver into the most "meta" city on the planet!


Jim Pick


Talk Outline - Compiling Free Metadata about Vancouver


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