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Enterprise Social

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David Orchard just led this session, which was very well attended! The discussion focused largely on wikis in the enterprise, and how to successfully grow use.


Some suggestions:

  • Don't call it a wiki - some ppl will get nervous about using a new tool if they feel that it's somehow different and they have to learn it from scratch. They'll often overestimate how hard it is to use, so don't tell them it's new! Just direct them to it and guide them on what to do at first - just enough to get them started.
  • Grassroots is best - a top-down mandate by itself isn't enough, and neither is 100% under the radar use. For it to take off, you need a balance between peers getting excited about using it and motivating others, and senior leadership being shown the value of it so they'll encourage continued use.  One story was that a CIO would not accept email with attachments.
  • Let people do things with the wiki that are fun! If they want to write about the weekly poker game, it increased the time they're engaged with the wiki, and gives them a chance to think of other uses (like an FAQ, a Magnet for project management, or meeting agendas & minutes) as they gain experience with it.
  • Sometimes the success stories are not blogs or wikis, but other social tools that aren't about content, like IM or video collaboration
  • There can be a trade-off around security, sometimes a group won't want their documents outside their department
  • Many organizations have a wiki "master"
  • Search of all kinds sucks.
  • One of the first solutions for social networking inside the enterprise is the google search box, tries to fix search but still weak.


Check out these wiki adoption guides:


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