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on February 22, 2008 at 7:41:53 pm

Welcome to the Northern Voice Wiki for 2008 !


This page IS part of the Northern Voice conference site, even though it looks a little different. There's something special about it: it's a wiki, which means that anyone (yes, even you) can edit and add to it. Use the Edit link above to contribute! We encourage participation, not just here in the wiki, but in all facets of organizing Northern Voice -- it's one of the ways this conference is special.


What You Can Do Here


If you're attending, please add yourself to the Northern Voice Attendees list. We're sold out, but there's a waiting list. If you can't come, contact someone on the waiting list to offer/sell your ticket.


If you agree, add your name to the Open Letter regarding Open Access to BC Government data from Friday.


You can read about Friday's MooseCamp2008 or some of its sessions:


Create your own page on the wiki using the Link button in the Edit mode.


You can add suggestions for hotels and other places to stay. And closer to the day, you can read about possible Ride Sharing. Just like in previous years, we have a kids room where parents and other caregivers can organise child care.


View a list of Sponsors in the banner rotation on the Northern Voice home page.


While we're working on this year's content and schedule, you can look at last year's wiki home page.


We've got an Ask the Expert booth running all day Saturday -- bring your questions.


Registration for Northern Voice is now full.


And of course, if you want to go back to the front of the Northern Voice site, just click here.


Oh, and here's how to use PBwiki in a nutshell:


Login on by clicking on the "Log in" link in the upper right corner. At the login page, look for the blue text at the top of the screen for password instructions.

Edit the page you want to change!


Bold is two asterisks before and after a word e.g. **<strong>words in bold</strong>**</p> <p>

Italics is 2 single quotes e.g. ''<em>words in italics</em>''</p> <p>

Create a new page by putting it in square brackets e.g. [<a href="/newpage/">new page</a>]� or for wiki experts you can use <!--raw1Tag-->CamelCase.


There's more info at WikiStyle.


Take a tour for a gentle intro.


Remember, don't be shy! Add information or ask a question and we'll help you out right away!

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