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One of the last sessions of Friday's unconference day will be a learning session on real-world location information and digital content, and how to map the two. Photos already have some of this information embedded, and the first cameraphones are evolving to include GPS.


How does location relate to blogs and other text content? Audio? Video? What about tagging segments of a podcast with different locations? How to integrate with different mapping applications?


In the real world of GPS, what is geocaching? What are confluences? What sort of equipment is there, and what do I need?




We're looking for people to teach us about GPS and geocaching. We want some volunteers to set up a geocaching "course" on the UBC campus ahead of time, which we can then learn about and then follow on Friday afternoon.


Afterwards, we'll gather and take all the digital content we've recorded and try and map it online, showing a connection between the physical and the digital worlds.Â




We'll be reaching out to Nokia for access to their N95 phone, and perhaps some GPS manufacturers to donate equipment that we can learn with...and then raffle off to attendees, of course! Please get in touch on the contact page if you're interested.

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