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list of community resources

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Resource Listings

The Northern Voice Community represents a host of bloggers, community builders, tech heads and futurists. By combining our resources, we can create even more immersive, richer forms of community. If you have resources available or you've found something that we should know about, list them. If you're looking for help with a project or trying to find that perfect component for your problem, try looking here.


Widgets & Media Components:

  • In the session "50 ways to tell a web 2.0 story", Alan Levine, showed us a great list of media-creation resources. Here's his list.
  • qik.com - Cool (semi) real-time video broadcasting from your phone
  • utterz.com - Post video, voice, text and pics from your phone
  • Reddit Canada - User-voting news aggregator (like digg.com) specific to Canada. Not used that much currently, get in on the ground floor!


Programmers & Developers:

  • Timothy Wisdom - seasoned Drupal Programmer and coder of just about anything. (also one of Vancouver's top DJs).


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