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Mashups for Non-Programmers

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Organizers: Chris Lott, Jason Toal, D'Arcy Norman, Scott Leslie, Brian Lamb


Session Length: minimum 2 hours


Session format: working session, short intro, very hands on


Session Description


Until recently, mashups have been the domain of developers, but increasingly tools and services are becoming available that let non-programmers create mashups. This session will briefly look at the emerging field of mashup and widget builders as well as client side mashup tools and then quickly turn to practical examples. Starting with looking at what makes a good mashup, the workshop will offer the participants the chance to first brainstorm and then create their own using one of these lightweight tools. While the organizers will pull from sites and services like:




Mashups for Non-Programmers Workshop Page


Venus is a tool for aggregating and filtering, dealing with non well-formed data, multiple feed formats, evil tags, tag soup, etc. It originated as a branch of the Planet aggregator.




Audio for this session: http://northernvoice.podcastspot.com/episodes/4855D3

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Anonymous said

at 9:16 pm on Feb 15, 2007

this sounds fantastic, i hope i have time to catch some or all of this!

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