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MooseCamp Overview

MooseCamp is a self-organizing "unconference" that also includes an Internet BootCamp for beginners. You are encouraged to lead or participate in spontaneous sessions and go to the sessions that make sense for you. MooseCamp 2008 has now started!


Internet Bootcamp
10:45 - 11:15 11:15 - 11:45 11:45 - 12:15 1:30 - 2:00 2:00 - 2:30 2:30 - 3:00 3:30 - 4:00 4:00 - 4:30
Blogging 101


Richard Eriksson

Podcasting 101


John Bollwitt

Videoblogging 101


Roland Tanglao

Jordan Behan

Warren Frey

Wiki 101


Stewart Mader

Live blogging 101


Robin Yap and Jeffrey Keefer

Traffic, Stats, SEO 101


Linda Bustos

Tagging 101


Gene Smith

What Next?


Lauren Wood


MooseCamp Sessions
Time/Room 1001 1402 1613


Enterprise Social Being a Blogging Network  

Using Blogs for Progressive Social Change (Lee & Milberry)

- Live Coverage Here

Video Secrets  
11:45 Big media and citizen journalism Multilingual blogs Using Virtual Collaborative Spaces
12:15 LUNCH    
1:30 PhotoCamp2008 PowerBlogging  
2:00 PhotoCamp2008 TransitCamp and Open Source Government Attention Surplus Condition (Aka ADHD) in High Tech
2:30 PhotoCamp

Mobile Learning

Fearless City: Downtown Eastside
3:00 Break (no bevvies)    


WordPress and your Problems 2008

socialmediamecca Light painting with Rachael (sightings)
4:00 More than Cat Blogs Mobile Blogging Light painting with Rachael (sightings)


Feel free to start linking and creating your pages below for session topics that interest you or ideas for sessions that you can give.


Place a * after the topic to show support for potential topics.



PhotoCamp2008 - photography tips, tricks, techniques, questions and answers

Hosted by kk+. Speakers include Rachael Ashe, Duane Storey, Fiona Garden, and Matt Trent.

An informal afternoon of photography, photosharing, cameras, and photogeekery.

Bring something to share! - Your prints, gear, ideas, questions, and your smile.


WordPress and your Problems

    • - work together to solve our WordPress problems

Hosted by Lloyd Budd and in no particular order Richard Eriksson, Jim Groom, Rebecca Bollwitt,Duane Storey, Chris Lott, D’Arcy Norman, David Peralty, and Lorraine Murphy.

I'm talked some WordPress aficionados into being available to solve our problems. The plan is for the first half to be spent discussing problems and experiences in small groups and then us all coming together to discuss the groups’ discoveries and some of the problems that still taught us with the whole group. * NW


Roland Tanglao - i) mobile LIVE photo and video blogging with ShoZu, flixwagon, qik, etc.

- ii) Open source mobile hardware and software devices like Chumby, The Bug, etc


David Peralty - Being a blogging network backed blogger


Kate Milberry and Marc Lee - Using blogs for progressive political change and agitation

How is it done? Does it have any impact? Can raising awareness online make a difference offline? We want to hear your ideas and share ours!


Chris Heuer - Mobile blogging and mobile interviews

I want to run a session on mobile blogging and mobile interviews, which I have been doing a lot of lately - some of it is really strong, like my interviews with Thomas Vanderwal and Jeremiah Owyang, and some of it is very nazel gaving - like my posts about being sick. I am wondering how this is being received and I want to talk with folks about how they are creating content for their blog from their cell phones *(LJ)*(MVB)


Jim Groom - WordPress Anonymous

I would like to know if there is any interest in an intervention session titled WPA (WordPress Anonymous). The basic idea of this session is that WordPress users can come together, admit they are addicted, and seek help through the power of narrative. It will be a meeting premised on audience interaction and sharing about how they got hooked, how it has changed their ideas of self, affected their family life, and what they plan on doing to deal with these issues. We welcome the WordPress haterz as well, for they also need help and can learn a lot from those who admit they have a problem. Coffee and donuts will be served during the meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in helping and/or sharing below.


Bonnie Johnston - Using virtual collaborative spaces in a heavily-managed, locked-down world **

Here's the problem: I'm working in the educational division of a health care service and our IT is heavily restricted. I wanted to create virtual spaces for our licensed professionals to connect, share, discuss and grow, using blogs for each group, but the IT department balked. Their solution is Sharepoint. During the session I would present the problem, share (hahaha) how we've tried to work with what we've got, and then I would love to open it up to everyone as a problem to solve and generate ideas.


Alan Levine - More Than Cat Diaries - Cool Web Sites That Dont Look Like Blogs but run in Blog Software

Nearly every web ite I create these days runs on a blog platform (it hurt a few weeks ago to update an old HTML tabled web site), and I have long been interested in how people are able to create what I call Blogs that Dont Look Like Blogs. Blog run web sites need not be in your face reverse chronology posts. I ran this a few years back as a presentation on More Than Cat Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs (where I wrenched a lot around with Blogger templates) and sometimes remember to tag a few of them as notcatdiaries. This need not be a techie talk, am more interested in hearing how the features of an easy click and publish platforms can help people and groups focus on their priorities, not the nuts and bolts of running web sites. Or just bring some great examples. *(MVB)


Lisa Johnson - What happens when big media dabbles in citizen journalism?

I'd be interested in talking with people about what works and what doesn't when mainstream media corporations ask their 'audiences' to contribute content. I'm what is tentatively called a Citizen Journalism Editor at CBC News, (video link) and I can share what we're experimenting with here in Vancouver. But I'd love to engage in a more general discussion: Do you think it makes coverage better, in an important way? Or does it feel like a gimmick? If you've contributed content as a non-professional journalist -- was the experience good or did you feel used? *(MVB)


Dustin Sacks - TransitCamp & Open Source Government

Follow-up and expansion on issues from Vancouver Transit Camp. Why on earth is our public transit data closed? We need to convince government to embrace open source & open data. Sign the open letter to that effect. Open data is the KEY enabler of user generated content and services. What are other ways we can open-source our transit system and government in general? Open-source media. Claiming ownership over public space and resources. BONUS: self-organizing unofficial MooseCamp after-party: Pirates o' the Seabus!


Rachael Ashe and Isabella Mori - What does a small chunk of the blogosphere look like in meatspace?

Armed with a camera and a few crazed ideas, we hope to revisit this session tried last year at Moosecamp. We want to document how the 70+ MooseCampers are related to each other and how they fit into the blogspace in general. We plan to do this by asking people to form graphs that describe or measure things like linking behaviour posting frequency, age, gender, blogging motivation and so on. Bring your camera, your ideas and your friends! Photos from last year's session. * NW 


Social Media Mecca

Initiated by Megan Cole - Strength In Numbers: Social Media Consulting, as it turns out, is not quite a one-person show! There are a few of us out there that get this, so let's talk about it. Vancouver has a ton of talent and expertise in and around Social Media - media in general - and I'd like to gather the forces, look at the various skill sets and talk about the potential or possibilities of a collaboration, a company, a contact list, a formal joint venture - to connect and brainstorm this idea of maximizing strengths and building something more concrete, definite, official.


Multilingual blogs and websites — initiated by Jim DeLaHunt .

All that good stuff that everyone else is talking about, but in two or more languages simultaneously! Who is doing multilingual blogs or sites? What's easy and what's hard? Possible topics: Value, who needs multiple languages and what for? Structure, how to link content in one language to another? Tools, how to make your blogging system or service or CMS handle the text and connect to your translators? Translation, how to get the content from one language to the other? Process, how to make all the parts move together and on time. * NW


Enterprise Social

Initiated by Dave Orchard. Think all the social stuff is facebook, teenagers, pokes and filling surveys for more coins? Guess again. Many enterprises are jumping on the social networking on their intranets. From context dependent search for people, things and activities to custom versions of flickr, twitter, digg, magnolia, youtube and more, the big cos are getting interested. Let's get together to talk about what Enterprise Social means.


Attention Surplus Condition (Aka ADHD) in High Tech. Managing all that Extra Energy and Creativity

Pete Quily Adult ADD Coach. There's a lot of people in the digital world with the gifts and challenges of Attention Surplus Condition. It can be a competitive edge in many areas of the digital world with the benefits extra energy, creativity, rapid fire mind, mulitasking ability, hyperfocus and the ability to think 2 levels beyond the box. But if not managed properly it can cause a lot of problems in work and other areas of your life. We'll talk about what it is and is not and how to manage it. You might want to look at Top 10 Advantages of ADD in a High Tech Career (especially the comments) and Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD. Questions encouraged.


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