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Northern Voice 2008 - Archive

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Northern Voice 2008 Archive


Note: Hello, and welcome!  This is an archive of the Northern Voice 2008 wiki.  This information has been archived for anyone to review and check out. 


This page IS part of the Northern Voice conference site, even though it looks a little different. There's something special about it: it's a wiki, which means that anyone (yes, even you) can edit and add to it. Use the Edit link above to contribute! We encourage participation, not just here in the wiki, but in all facets of organizing Northern Voice -- it's one of the ways this conference is special.


Now that it's over (sniff, sniff) ...

Help Us Improve: Add your feedback on the conference to the Northern Voice Post-Mortem. Let us know what we could do better next year.



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Northern Voice Website: http://feeds.feedburner.com/northernvoice2008

Northern Voice Wiki: http://wiki.northernvoice.ca/rss2.php

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Sign a Petition: If you agree, add your name to the Open Letter regarding Open Access to BC Government data .


Sponsors: Thanks to the Sponsors.




Catch Up On Sesssions You Missed:**


Here are some details of Friday's MooseCamp2008 or some of its sessions:


Have notes or files from the Saturday sessions? Link to them here:


Archived Information




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