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What does a small chunk of the blogosphere look like in meatspace?

Armed with a camera and a few crazed ideas, Rachael Ashe and Zak Greant hope to document how the 70+ MooseCampers are related to each other and how they fit into the blogspace in general.


We plan to do this by asking people to form graphs that describe or measure things like linking behaviour posting frequency, age, gender, blogging motivation and so on.


Bring your camera, your ideas and your friends!


Tentative Schedule:

Late in the day. We want it to be more likely that the attendees have managed to successfully connect real people to their blogs, email addresses and online personas. If people don't know this, then it will be tough to build human blogrolls.


Some Ideas: 

We probably won't have time to do all of these. Let's discuss what is most interesting to people.


  1. Illustrate blog linking by having bloggers touch people that they link to - is the result a mosh pit or a conga line?
  2. Graph business vs. personal blogging
  3. Graph Northern Voice attendance (1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year), etc.
  4. Graph gender (and don't make it a binary choice)
  5. Build a composite MooseCamper from a portraits of all participants
  6. Graph MooseCamp satisfaction with facial expressions



More Ideas:


  1. This is where you kick our ass with just how creative and smart you are... :)
  2. ...
  3. ...

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