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Page history last edited by Lauren Wood 14 years, 3 months ago

PhotoCamp 2009


Last year's text has been moved to PhotoCamp 2008.


I've been asked to "facilitate" this year's PhotoCamp. I have no intention of organizing panels or soliciting famous-name speakers; I want this to fit into the regular UnConference flow of Moose Camp. I'll start the ball rolling by proposing some topics we could cover; It'd be nice if people were to suggest some others, or sign up for facilitating that little piece of discussion. And what would be really nice would be if people were to jot their names down beside any topics that they'd like to discuss.




The ethics of shooting people

Most of the most interesting pictures are pictures of people. Is it OK to take pictures of strangers? Perfomers? Children? Without asking? Once you've done that, is it OK to publish them? Assuming that all these things are OK, how do you work up the courage to do it? Alternately, how do you do it in a sneaky way so that they don't notice?


Here's a great video of a New York photographer and his attitudes of shooting people.



Who'd join in:


Dark places

A lot of interesting pictures happen inside, where it's not very bright. Of course, if you have a $3000+ high-end SLR, no problemo, but most of us don't. It's really easy, using a flash, to get a bleached-out ugly-looking picture. What are some tools available to ordinary people with ordinary cameras?

Who'd join in:


HDR (High Dynamic Range) images

Here are some of Derek's HDR pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/penmachine/sets/72157605327161787/


Lens Otaku

Lenses are a big deal, and even people who aren't hardware fetishists can get surprisingly gooey over them. Also, they're fundamentally analogue devices, all about glass and gears and metals. I see this as a show-and-tell; bring along your weirdest or favoritest lens, show it off, and maybe point to an online picture that shows what it can do.

Who'd join in:



Scott Kelby, the guy who Wrote The Book (literally) on Photoshop, thinks that every picture should be leveled and colour-corrected. He also gives advice on removing blemishes, removing dark circles under the eyes, lessening freckles or facial acne, removing or lessening wrinkles, colorizing hair, whitening the eyes, making eyes that sparkle, enhancing eyebrows and eyelashes, glamour skin softening, transforming a frown into a smile, doing a digital nose job, slimming and trimming, removing love handles, and finally slimming buttocks, arms and thighs. Is this lying with your camera, or is it OK?

Who'd join in:


My best picture of 2008

Show off your favorite picture taken 2008 and tell the story that went with it. Then the audience can tell you what you should have changed or done differently to make it better.

Who'd join in:



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Anonymous said

at 10:43 am on Feb 13, 2009

Love the concept Tim....looking forward to it!

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