Recording Sign-Up Sheet

Northern Voice 2009 Recordings


Now That It's Over 

I'll update the tables to show the locations of recordings that have been posted.  It's still not too late to let us know that you recorded something!


The Important Part

While it is helpful if you indicate ahead of time what sessions you plan to cover, it is really important to let us know afterward you sessions you actually did record, so we can organize the editing and distribution.  Please update your entries in this sheet after the conference.



  1. It is not required to sign up in order to record.
  2. It is no problem to have more than one person recording. In fact it's a good thing.  We will mash them together later.
    1. If you'd like to record a session that already has a name, add a row to the table and leave the Day/Time/Room/Title column blank.
    2. To add a row, right click in the table and choose Row > Insert Row
  3. How do you record slides? You might have a fancy box to do that.  But pointing a camera at the screen can often be good enough.


Any Questions?

Send your questions to me (bruce.sharpe (at) and I'll update the page with the answers for all to see.


Other Recordings

Some other recordings from the conference can be found here:

The video metasearch engines Blinkx and Truveo provide one-stop shopping for many of these (but not all).


Day Time Room Moderator/Presenter Title Video Audio

Available Recordings

Friday 10:15 1003 Joe Bower Hackerspaces for Makers, Crafters and Other People   Roz  
  10:45 1003 Roland and Zak How Has The Internet Changed Your Life?   Roz  
    1402 Jim and Kirrily Social, Structured Data Under CC-BY with Freebase   Stewart  
  11:15 1003 Roland Identicons and Yarn Bombing and Mobile   Roz  
    1402 David Ng Ad Hoc Think Tank: Biodiversity Pokemon      
  11:45 LUNCH
  1:00 1003 Scott Leslie and Friends Pimp Your Browser      
    1402 Brett MacFarlane Are You a Brand?      
  1:30 1003 Laura and Leslie What’s Gender Got To Do With It?      
    1402 Ben Wong A Web-Based Twitter Reader      
  2:00 1001   Your Dream Home Media Centre      
    1003 Nancy White Graphic Recording      
    1402 Ian Capstick Did Obama Really Use Social Media to Win?      
  2:30 BREAK
  3:00 1001 Jim DeLaHunt BC Polyglot Blogs Dale Dale  
    1003 Various Photocamp      
    1402 Michael Klassen Twit This, Timbuktu Stewart Stewart video, audio
  3:30 1001 Dethe Elza Kinzin and Scratch: Two Different Approaches to Limiting Groups Dale Dale  
    1003 Various Photocamp      
    1402 Raul Using Social Media to Raise Environmental Awareness      
  4:00 1001 Dave Pollard How To Explain Social Media to People Over 30 Dale Dale  
    1003 Various Photocamp      
    1402 Dan S. Social Media in Large Organizations      


Scheduled Sessions
Day Time Room Moderator/Presenter Title Video Audio Slides Available Recordings
Friday 9:15 1005 Stewart Butterfield Why I Love the Internet

Bruce / Dale / James

Bruce / Stewart Bruce (partial) video
  10:15 1005   Why Blog Anyhow? Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1001   Canada Connects        
    1221 Roland Tanglao Streaming Media Hits the Big Time Warren     video, audio
  10:45 1005   The Blog Advantage Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1001 Chris Heuer Death of Advertising Dale Dale   video, audio
  11:15 1005   Sending Your Blog Out to Work Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1001 Dave Olson Letters From Russia Dale / Jordan     video, audio
  1:00 1005   What Happened to That Blog Entry? Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1001   Mash Media Story Telling Dale Dale    
  1:30 1005 Bruce Sharpe Bring Your Blog to Life Bruce / Tim Bruce Bruce video, audio
    1001   Hootenanny Dale      
  3:00 1005   Twitter, Yammer and More Bruce Bruce Bruce  


  Photocamp Roz Roz    
  3:30 1005   Borrowed Content Bruce Bruce Bruce  
  4:30? 1001?   Alexandra Samuel Dale      
  all day 1221   Mobile Track Warren      
Saturday 9:15 1005   Keynote: Nora Young

Bruce / Roz

Bruce / Roz

  9:45 1005 Rob Cottingham Teh Funny

Bruce / Roz

Bruce / Roz

Bruce  video, audio
  10:45 1005   Radio Station of the Future Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1221   The Future of Influence Dale Dale    
    1001 Panel Coping Digitally Roz Roz   video, audio
  11:30 1005   Passionately Local Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1221   What Are You? Defining Yourself Online Dale Dale    
    1001 Panel Where Do I Live Online?

Roz / Stewart

Roz   video, audio
  1:30 1005   Then and Now Bruce Bruce Bruce qik video, video, audio
    1221   Help! I'm Sick and Tired of Blogs! Stewart Marshall / Dale Stewart Marshall / Dale    
    1001   Doing the Limbo Roz


  2:15 1005   From Permalink to Profound Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1221   Tweets and Transformation Dale Dale   qik video
    1001 Panel Sock Puppets, Spammers and Trolls Roz Roz   audio, video
  3:30 1005   Say/Blog It In Pictures Bruce Bruce    
    1221   Where Did I Put My Data? Stewart Marshall / Dale Stewart Marshall / Dale    
    1001 Panel Social Media Mores for the Modern Couple Roz Roz   audio, video
  4:15 1005   Hip Hop in Dar es Salaam Bruce Bruce Bruce  
    1221   Making Democracy Mobile Dale Dale    
    1001   Rock n Roll Photo

Stewart Marshall / Roz

Stewart Marshall / Roz

  audio, video