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Ride Share 2009

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Have a ride to share to Northern Voice 2009? Or are you looking for a ride? Post your info here - including where and when


Rides Needed - Saturday


Are you leaving NV early on Saturday (after lunch, maybe around 2pm?) on Saturday? I'm looking for a ride eastbound to Kits area, need to be on Granville Island by 2:50. email james at glave.com or D me on twitter (jamesglave).


Vancouver Shares


both days - Ride available for a few people leaving downtown from Burrard/Robson. email dustin@sillysoft.net


both days in the morning - will be driving along 41st avenue starting at joyce around 8:00 on friday, at fraser on saturday. room for three. http://www.moritherapy.org/contact-me/ before 4:00 today thursday or meet me at the dinner tonight


Friday - will be at Dunsmuir/Granville at 7:45 - have room for 1 - email kate at mynameiskate.ca

Saturday - leaving from near Main skytrain station, traveling west on Broadway - could do a pull-over :) - room for 1, maybe 2 depending - email kate at mynameiskate.ca


both days - Ride available to and from the conference from the Waterfront Fairmont. I've got room for 3 if you are near by. Email me at randy@boxbe.com or @ or D me on Twitter (stewtopia).


Burnaby Area Shares


Can offer 1 person a ride from Lougheed Mall area in Burnaby on Saturday. Am not going back to Burnaby, but can take passenger as far as a Skytrain station. Email rahel -at- bailie -dot- com.


North Vancouver/West Vancouver Shares


Room for 2 people (3 if you don't mind a dog on your lap) on Saturday from North Vancouver. I 'll be driving over Second Narrows then through Gastown, Howe, over Granville bridge, down 16th. I don't mind detours. Contact Sylvia Currie, scurrie@bccampus.ca or 250-318-2907


Room for 3 both days to and from, coming from West Van happy to meet anywhere central on the north shore, contact P.J. 'pj at cruxstrategies dot com' or 604-834-3891...


Richmond Area Shares


Surrey Shares



2008 carry-overs?


Maybe you could match an offer from the Ride Sharing 2008 page with an 2009 Attendee?


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