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Ride Sharing

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Have a ride to share to and from Northern Voice? List your offer here - including where and when


Friday - Ride from Downtown Vancouver (Yaletown)

Saturday - Ride from Burnaby (Lougheed Skytrain area)


I will be driving to UBC both days and have room for up to 3 people. Email me (Rahel Bailie) at rabailie -at- intentionaldesign -dot- ca.


Ride Offered from Downtown Vancouver.


I am staying at the Hampton inn and will have a car - room for 3 maybe 4 smaller folks to and from UBC on Friday and Saturday. gpaille at mac.com


**Ride Offered from Kitsilano ****Friday**** & Saturday

    • (I'm definite both days now unless urgent BIG $ work intervenes)


I'm at 1st and Yew, near Cafe Zen/Kingshead

Room for 1 or 2 easy, 3 a tighter squeeze.

email me at kris.obertas@gmail.com


Chris Heuer - Ride available from around Marriot on West Hastings - room for 3 on FRI (leaing very early to get a session sign up), room for 2 on SAT (my wife Kristie Well is coming in on FRI night) - get a hold of me through Twitter http://twitter.com/chrisheuer - and hopefully join me for my session on mobile blogging/podcasting on FRI :)


Randy Stewart - Staying at the Marriot, room for 3. If no takers, I'll ride with Heuer. Email me at randy@boxbe.com (you'll have to prove you are human as spambots don't need rides :-) ).


Ride offered from Richmond

For both days - up to 3 seats available

email me at srees (at) shaw.ca

(no reason to give the spammers an easy time)


From Seattle to Van - Thursday afternoon/evening

Sarah Schacht- director at knowledgeaspower dot org

Share a two-for-one pass on Amtrack, leaving Seattle around 7am on Thursday and leaving Vancouver around 6pm on Saturday.

Price: $30.50 per person, roundtrip.


Ride From Surrey

I can offer rides to and from Surrey for Fri/Sat. Just going to the conference. If you're partying afterwards, you're on your own.

- Aaron aaron@friuch.com


Downtown Vancouver Shares


I would love to get a ride to the event. I will be staying at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver V6Z 2R9 Canada

If anyone else is staying there, or near there, and is willing to offer up a seat, please contact me, David Peralty, at dave.phoenix@gmail.com (since that's the only way I can be contacted once I leave from home in Ontario)


I'm located in Yaletown at Davie and Seymour. I can offer someone a ride on Friday. Not sure about Saturday yet.

Christine 604.561.6287 christine@bluelimemedia.com


Ride from North Vancouver

I can offer rides on Friday and Saturday to a couple of people in North Vancouver.

Ianiv 604-782-4525 ianivs@gmail.com


Ride from North Burnaby

I can offer rides for two people, we will be coming from Capitol Hill area both Friday and Sat mornings, likely going out to UBC via lougheed/broadway/10th.

James cell 604-833-4368 james at glave dot com



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