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Sponsor list


Because I see them on rotation on the Northern Voice home page but don't see a list anywhere. I like to know who they are. I want to visit their web sites. I'll give them at least traffic, possibly business or product tryouts, if what they do fits a need for me or someone (person or entity) I know.


Links in no particular order, taglines lifted from web sites mostly, now synced with Sponsor page


http://www.hopstudios.com/ -- Hop Studios - Internet Consulting and Web Design (pretty clear)

http://www.sxip.com/ -- Sxip Identity - internet-scale approach to identity and access management that is simple, secure and open. (online identity pioneer and thought leader)

http://www.webnames.ca/ -- Webnames.ca - securing internet identities (domain registrar)

http://www.royalroads.ca/ -- Royal Roads University - innovative public university offering applied and professional programs in demand in today’s global workplace (clear also)

http://www.flock.com/ -- Flock Browser - the social web browser (need to spend time on their site to get it)

http://scribblewiki.com/ -- Scribble Wiki - wiki hosting, design, and implementation for both public and private corporate wikis (clear)

http://www.ubc.ca/ -- University of British Columbia - self explanatory, host facility

http://www.sun.com/ -- Sun Microsystems - innovative products and services that power the network economy (fingers in many technology pies, survivor in brutally competitive industry)

http://www.nmc.org/ -- the New Media Consortium - dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies (further study required)

http://www.mtlehman.com/ -- Mt. Lehman Credit Union - innovative, small credit union. 1st mobile banking alert system developed (MemberNote}

http://www.peer1.com/ -- Peer1 - IT infrastructure provider to startups and small to mid-size businesses (managed, self-managed, co-location hosting)

http://socialsignal.com/ --  Social Signal -  engage audiences, build trust, deepen relationships (online community development and support)

http://www.thenewsroom.com/ -- Voxant - building a new kind of network for online news syndication (source of quality, licensed online content)

https://www.vancity.com/ -- Vancity - Canada's largest credit union


OK, many, many refreshes, no more names. If I missed a sponsor, you can add them to the list.


Not officially sanctioned by NV, hope I'm not stepping on toes.


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