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Talk Outline - Compiling Free Metadata about Vancouver

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- Housingmaps.com - Craigslist and Google Maps
- Flickr Maps
What's possible
Separate the data from the implementation
Semantic Web - Artificial Intelligence
Wrestling data away from the governments and corporations
Application Ideas


Wikis and User Generated Content


Gonzo Collaborative Mapping on the Semantic Web




Copyright Issues - Free vs. Proprietary


Causes problems for:
- Caching
- Legal P2P and Distributed Hash Tables
Client Side Technology

- Greasemonkey

- Piggy Bank
Example: Homebuying

- mls.ca


Government Data Sources


- Statistics Canada
- Atlas of Canada (how to get onto  a Garmin GPS?)
- VanMap

- Vancouver Archives


Rich Sources


Listings Services
- Newspapers
- Craigslist
- Google Base
- Microformats



- Metroblogging Vancouver

- Beyond Robson

- Change Everything

- 43 Places


Citizen Journalism

- NowPublic


Social Networks

- MySpace

- Linked In

- LiveJournal



- Flickr


Role of Search Engines

- Google

- Yahoo

- Microsoft

- build your own


Compiling databases with Robots

- Index / Searching Blogs
- Natural Language analysis

-- eg. ClearForest Gnosis
- Semantic Web tech

-- rdfvancouver.org


Privacy Issues

Theoretical application - Helping the homeless


Let's do something!

- Regular meetup?


Links mentioned during the talk:


Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 10:40 am on Mar 7, 2007

I am extremely interested in the idea of wiki sites that foster community and social justice. Politics! Previously the only such site that has caught my attention is the Center For Media & Democracy. It differs from Wikipedia like sites in that it has a paid editor and requires strict referencing. It is mainly american info and very well done. The question now for Vancouver,BC & Canada is do we need our own site or do we(I)work the CMD site to our advantage? Who wants to pay a full time editor to police such a site?

Cheers, Nic S

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