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WordPress: A blog, sure! But what else

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Organizer(s): Jim Groom, Candace Nast, D'Arcy Norman

Audio for this session: http://northernvoice.podcastspot.com/episodes/A4B742


Link to notes for More than just a blog.


Length: 1 to 2 hours (maybe an hour and a half)

Session Format: Everyone involved can work through this sessions in a hands on manner. How hands on? Well, all participants will be given their own blog (via a hosted WordPress Multi-User space) to experiment with working through the blog/CMS limits both theoretically and practically by knocking around in the backend of WordPress a bunch. Given this, a laptop with wireless would probably be helpful for this session.


This session will aim to think through the intersection of web logs and content management systems in some detail.  Focusing on the open source blogging application WordPress -as a starting point-we will examine the limits and possibilities of re-coneptualizing the blog as other, i.e. -a scaled down version of youtube or flickr, as well as a more sophisticated website authoring tool that plays nicely with the more robust social networking services.  WordPress as web-authoring framework that challenges the more generic definitions of the blog.


I'll be cheering from 1500 miles away (Alan)! To this end, I've been tagging a few sites that don't look/act like the sterotypical "blog" (e.g. = diary):



My  examples of non bloggy sites powered by WP:



It is so sick how quickly you found this proposal, I think I had it up there for all of about an hour before you gave it the midas touch. The resources you laid at our feet are excellent -a framework for the conversation no doubt.  If this session flies, will you be joining us by videochat, skype, or some other new fangled tool?  Your "More than Just Cat Diaries" blooger space is absolutely awesome, for regularly the very site of a blogger account makes me twitch. You just gotta be in on this one, that's it. 



One question:  Does this session proosal smack too much as a WoprdPress love fest? Are you tired of the same old elite blogging platforms? If so, I would love to hear from other bloggers on other platforms that are working through similar processes with their blog.  Alan gave me some examples from blogger and Moveable Type, any others out there? Anyone playing the Typo blogging platform? -which is open source and powered by Ruby on Rails.


Jim - I'd be happy to demo some Drupal stuff. Should we expand the title to not be so WP-centric? This ain't your fathers blogging platform. :-)


 Darcy -I can see this is gonna be fun!  I'll change the title, but after the session is over I think we will be able to agree on changing it back to reflect the mother of all easy to use, administer and author, multi-media CMSs out there :WordPress! Wait, is this the new Iron Blog Chef? Drupal and WordPress go head-to-head! I love it.  I can see the headlines now: "A titan against a titan!" You will get served.


That's it, the new title is now: "WordPress vs. Drupal: Clash of the Open Source Titans"


(If the above ravings are not evidence enough that this session should be avoided -or even stopped. Then consider yourselves forewarned and be sure to get forearmed.)

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