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2010 Video and Audio Recording

Page history last edited by Cécile 10 years, 3 months ago

Northern Voice 2010 Recordings


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS BLOG POST for full terms and conditions: http://2010.northernvoice.ca/news/call-video-and-audio-recording-volunteers


The Important Part

While it is helpful if you indicate ahead of time what sessions you plan to cover, it is really important to let us know afterward you sessions you actually did record, so we can organize the editing and distribution.  Please update your entries in this sheet after the conference.



  1. It is not required to sign up in order to record except if you want to stream (because we would like to arrange wired access for you if possible)
  2. It is no problem to have more than one person recording. In fact it's a good thing.  We will mash them together later.
    1. If you'd like to record a session that already has a name, add a row to the table and leave the Day/Time/Room/Title column blank.
    2. To add a row, right click in the table and choose Row > Insert Row
  3. How do you record slides? You might have a fancy box to do that.  But pointing a camera at the screen can often be good enough.


Any Questions?

Send your questions to me (roland AT rolandtanglao.com) and I'll update the page with the answers for all to see.


Other Recordings

Some other recordings from the conference can be found here:

The video metasearch engines Blinkx and Truveo provide one-stop shopping for many of these (but not all).


Volunteer Signup

fill in your name below (i.e. type over Jane Smith and put your info in)

Equipment - what's your camera? what audio recording equoment do you have? can you stream video?
May 7 only? May 8 only? or BOTH May 7 & 8
Tshirt Size Preferred Sessions (3 max)
1. Toni Delrio
flip, canon hd cam, tripod
2. C├ęcile V.
no gear, no skill, willing to learn
May 7
1. The Nuts and Bolts of Search Engine Optimization
2. any session about blogging
3. David Cesarini
can stream and record, mini DV camera, firewire, laptop
May 7
L Any 
4. Yuliya Talmazan 
sony point & shoot, mac book pro, digital RCA  audio recorder
both now

Keynote Address; Flog Your Blog: How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book; 

Awesome-izing Your Podcast: Secrets From Radio. Friday: 1. Gov 2.0 2. Blogging ABC's 3. Copyright and online expression.   

5. Xurxo Martinez,
kodak zi8, olympus epl-1, mac book w/firewire
(1) How (Should) Journalists Use Social Media; (2) A Four Letter Word Called Sex; (3) Gov 2.0: Politics, Policy and Social Media
8. Eric Zhang no experience, but willing to learn May 7  
9. Fernanda Pellegrini mini dv, macbook pro, may not have firewire cable, could strem Both (on May 8 only after 1pm) Medium

Coping with social media,
Finding your voice,

Wikifying CBC

10. Eunice Hii ? ?    
11. Clayton Racine Weir experienced but no camera, interested in editing BOTH Lg.
I will take either half of both days.
12. Susan Mah
Sony ACC-FH50
May 7
(1) Blogging ABC's (2) Overcoming Social Anxiety 
16. Gabriel Silk no gear, no skill but willing to learn! BOTH    
17. Gagan Sandhu minimal experience May 7    
18. Dale Adamson (Singular Software) Lots of gear and experience BOTH  
19. Jeremy Wilson (Singular Software) Lots of gear and experience BOTH  
20. Kevin Rosmer (Singular Software) Lots of gear and experience BOTH  
21. Bruce Sharpe (Singular Software) Lots of gear and experience BOTH  
22. Cody Muhle Sony HDD SR47, Samsung 6 megapixel digicam BOTH    
23. Niamh Redmond
Point and shoot sony cybercam T700 (can do 640 x 480, Approx.30fps), MacBook Pro and good film production experience

May 7 & May 8


Ladies Small

Friday morning sessions:

- Conference Intro (Atrium)

- Bryan Alexander Keynote (Atrium)

- Gov 2.0: Politics, Policy and Social Media in Canada: A Multi-Level Exploration (LSC2)


Saturday morning sessions:

- Conference Intro (Atrium)

- Chris Messina Keynote (Atrium)

- How To Do Good On The Web (LSC2)

24.Dale McGladdery video consultant and coordinator, mini dv + laptop + firewire BOTH L  
25. Roz McNulty Cameras, tripods and audio gear. Lots of event recording/editing experience BOTH M  
26. Victor Ngo No gear and no experience, but DSLR shooter. Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop with Firewire.
May 7 missed T shirt deadline From Tweets to Plans: Online Conversation for Urban Planning
27. Megan Stewart ? May 7 PM missed T shirt deadline, Womens M Friday afternoon
28. Zack Lee

Video recorded for previous conferences and one-off events.

BOTH small

I'll stay in the rooms as needed:

  1. Good Science: It Takes an Online Village
  2. I'm Not Dead Yet - Blogging
  3. If Machiavelli and Montaigne Grew Mushrooms
29. Enej Bajgoric some experience Both    




Comments (1)

Marc-Oliver said

at 1:00 pm on Apr 26, 2010

Hi Roland,

I have a flip cam, iPhone, prob access to ustream, MacBook, Sony DCS, I can work on both days.

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