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Advertising, Marketing, Monetization of Online

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Session Facilitator: Kay Slater


  • Notes / blog post from Boris Mann
  • Notes from Kay:
    • I'm not sure if I really have anything else to add to these notes as Boris' notes were incredibly comprehensive (click link above!!)
    • While I'm still a little embarrassed that the most recent article I could quote on the fly was from 3 years ago (*hangs head*), I enjoyed the active discussion. I did mention another article I had read recently about artists/graphic designers and the "art of getting paid". Again, I am dating myself as the article was written a year ago, but it was an enjoyable read. Here is the link: http://www.jessicahische.is/obsessedwiththeinternet/category/andhelpingyougetpaid
    • One other resource, if you're interested in the Canadian online marketing scene (however you feel about it), would be the IABC (internet advertising bureau of Canada). You can also occasionally get free metrix/stats on online use at ComScore (this is an international reporting company). 


Part of Moose Camp 2012

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